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Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing is the short and direct path to getting the support services you need without the investment, time commitment, and risk of hiring and training internal resources. By investing instead in BPO, you get:

  • Enhanced Business Focus – Lose the distraction—focus your expertise and resources on your core business.
  • Repeatable Processes – Leverage Access Sciences’ broad industry experience.
  • Improved Quality – Expertise can’t be overrated. Our BPO resources bring targeted expertise in their fields and we back that up with tangible service level agreements.
  • Headcount Management – Transfer the burden and risk of headcount management to us.
  • Oversight Relief – Lessen the burden of oversight with a single point of accountability
  • Increased Accountability – Our BPO services are provided via binding contracts with legal redress.
  • Operational Expertise – Benefit from industry best practices, shared across our BPO operations.
  • Exceptional Talent – Gain access to Access Sciences’ sustainable, high-quality talent pool, backstopped by our entire company’s knowledge and experience base.

Some people call this managed services and others call it business process outsourcing. What that really means is that you’re hiring an outside firm to fulfill a business function for you.

No, all of Access Sciences’ BPO operations are located in the U.S. In fact, many of our BPO operations are co-located at the client’s site and function as an embedded part of their overall organization.

There are generally two alternatives to outsourcing business processes: using internal resources (employees) and using resources from staffing agencies. While internal resources may deliver quality results, these can be a distraction from focus on your core business and make it difficult to manage headcount during the ups and downs of business cycles.  When using a generic staffing agency, accountability for quality results typically ends once resources have been placed.

Our BPO resources strike an optimum balance between loaded labor cost savings, headcount management, accountability, quality, and expertise.

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