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Using information and data to drive safe, efficient, and compliant operations across all sectors of the transportation industry.

Rapid change & growth in transportation.

The transportation sector is experiencing rapid change that ranges from ridesharing to cybersecurity concerns. Competitiveness in this environment requires fresh focus to ensure that business processes keep ahead of evolving needs, customer expectations are fulfilled, infrastructure is protected and sustained, and regulations are addressed. Increasingly, information and data drive each of these focus areas.

The vital role we play

Transforming information, processes, and systems, to keep ahead of the industry’s evolving needs.

Airlines & Airports

We work with airlines and airports to use data to drive performance in the face of record-setting flight volumes, unpredictable fuel costs, airport capacity, falling unit revenue, and cybersecurity concerns.


Freight haulers are challenged by increased regulatory scrutiny (FMSCA and MAP-21 requirements) and the need to leverage data to enable more efficient operations.  Our teams manage and analyze information and data to help alleviate these challenges.


Railroads are increasingly dependent on rapidly growing volumes of real-time and batch data, particularly unstructured video and photographs.  We apply our decades of experience with unstructured content to ingest, manage, and govern this information.

Ports & Shipping

Despite improvements in overall operations, ports still struggle with “last mile efficiency” when moving cargo in and out of their facilities.  We specialize in using information to improve port infrastructure and asset management decisions.

Public Transportation

Public transportation agencies face competitive pressure from new market entrants such as Uber and demographic changes that present ongoing shifts in demand.  We work with agencies to use data to address these challenges.


As DOTs contend with ever-increasing miles driven and aging infrastructure, the need for data to support regulatory reporting, constituent information needs, and MAP-21 compliance grows correspondingly.  Our teams work alongside agency staff to ingest, manage, and govern this data

CAD Drives Efficiencies in Capital Asset Planning and Cost Recovery

With global operations spanning more than 80 countries, this company provides products and services to a wide variety of private and public sector customers.

Working with each sector in


We work with each sector, supply chain partners, and industry trade groups to support digital transformation throughout the transportation industry.

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Document Control

We manage headcount, provide accountability, and leverage repeatable processes to deliver the highest quality and lowest total cost of operations.

Our team of experts:


Since joining Access Sciences in 2011, Ashley has helped clients transform their information and systems into meaningful assets they can leverage. She possesses a strong blend of technical, business, and people skills. As a result, Ashley is adept at translating complex business processes into detailed technical designs and specifications. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and supporting her alma mater, University of Houston.


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