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The most important part about who we are is what we can do for you. Our executive team took many paths to get to Access Sciences, combining over 150+ years of professional experience with global companies across many industries.


What that means for you is that we are not guessing about the impact information solutions can have on your business. We have seen it and implemented it ourselves, using our expertise to build relationships with our clients — and in the process, we’ve helped them meet immediate objectives and realize their long-term ambitions. As technologies evolve, we are at the forefront of harnessing innovation to bring valuable solutions to our clients.


From our executive team and throughout our company, we are proud of the people who make Access Sciences an impactful partner. Here are just a few of the faces that make it possible for us to use information to create value.

Steve Erickson

President and CEO

Since 2016, Steve Erickson has been President, Chief Executive Officer, and Board Director at Access Sciences Corporation, where he oversees the strategy, vision, profitability, and growth. During his tenure, revenue at the company has grown 60%, and equity has grown over 1400%. Steve joined the company in 2006 as Vice President of Professional Services.


Steve has over 25 years of diversified experience serving clients as an information management consultant. As a Senior Manager at Arthur Anderson & Co., he managed a team that developed the first automated collection system for the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. He was also a Senior Manager at Baker Tilly US, serving the power and utility markets.


In addition to consulting, Steve has over 15 years of experience leading information-centric practices directly in the aerospace and electric power industries. At Eagle Aerospace, he led the program scheduling and tracking activities for all Space Station Freedom design tasks assigned to NASA’s Johnson Space Center; he planned and tracked the engineering analysis activities associated with the world’s first launch into space of a private rocket with a private payload; and he designed several components of a future-planned moon base. At SPACEHAB, the second-largest contractor to Johnson Space Center, he initiated and managed the efforts leading to ISO 9001 certification.


Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his studies focused on computer hardware and language architecture, Artificial Intelligence, and computer vision.


Steve serves on the Energy Transition Committee of the Greater Houston Partnership, is an active leader in the Boy Scouts of America, and is past Chairman of the Board of the Arthur Ginzbarg Nature Discovery Center.


Kathy Jordan

Vice President of Professional Services

In her tenure spanning over two decades at Access Sciences, Kathy Jordan stands as a testament to unwavering commitment and leadership. She possesses the innate ability to immerse herself in clients’ perspectives, crafting tailor-made solutions that align seamlessly with their needs. Her exemplary role has been pivotal in guiding the company to an astounding 650% surge in revenue and a nearly four-fold increase in workforce strength.


As Vice President of Professional Services, Kathy masterfully oversees the multifaceted dimensions of service delivery. Her ambit covers the formulation of service delivery strategies, vigilant practice oversight, ensuring top-tier service delivery, maintaining profitable operations and fostering lasting client relationships. Her forward-thinking approach has been instrumental in driving innovation, fostering thought leadership, and guiding the firm’s expansion trajectory.


A mentor to many, Kathy’s feedback is consistently valued for its honesty, practicality, and actionability. Her commendable professional journey is a beacon for many, making her an invaluable asset to any endeavor.

Star Stefka-Borg

Chief Financial Officer

Star Stefka-Borg is a seasoned finance professional, bringing over 25 years of comprehensive experience in operations, planning, and management to her role as Chief Financial Officer at Access Sciences. Her expertise, developed across the domains of public accounting, energy, and retail electric industries, positions her uniquely to oversee and enhance the company’s financial portfolio.


Star’s journey in public accounting commenced as an Audit Associate at Deloitte & Touche, LLP in 1994. This foundational experience paved the way for her nuanced understanding of the financial landscape. Her career trajectory then took her through prominent organizations, such as Sonat and Kinder Morgan, Inc.


As the Manager of Retail Accounting at Dynegy from 1999 to 2003, Star showcased her capability in navigating complex accounting challenges in a dynamic industry setting. After that, her career included a 3-year stint at SUEZ Energy Resources NA as an Accounting Director, solidifying her leadership and strategic financial planning skills.


Before joining Access Sciences in 2009 as the Chief Financial Officer, Star made significant contributions as the Director of Finance and Accounting at Gexa Energy.


Academically, Star’s foundation is robust as a B.B.A. in Accounting from the Texas McCombs School of Business and an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of St. Thomas. Her continuous pursuit of knowledge is further evident as a Certified Public Accountant.


Beyond her professional pursuits, Star is deeply committed to community service, actively volunteering with the Girl Scouts, and National Charity League for organizations such as Kids Meals, Houston Food Bank, Christian Community Service Center, and the Star of Hope. Additionally, she serves on the Endowment/Foundation Boards of St. Thomas More Parish School, and St. Pius X High School. In her personal time, she is a CrossFit enthusiast, enjoys beach outings, and is passionate about gardening.


Glen Hilford

Vice President of Corporate Development

Glen is a seasoned expert with over 35 years of experience in industry and professional services. His journey at Access Sciences began in 2007, where he was instrumental in forming the technology services practice and now leads the charge in corporate development. His focus encompasses expanding service scopes, exploring new geographies, and introducing the company to novel industry sectors.


Glen’s educational background is as impressive as his career, with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Houston, complemented by graduate studies at the Rice Business – Jones Graduate School of Business.


His career trajectory commenced at M.W. Kellogg, leading to escalating roles at EDS, Valmet Automation, and Kinder Morgan, Inc. In each position, Glen demonstrated a knack for not just adapting, but excelling in diverse environments – from petrochemicals to e-commerce, technology manufacturing to financial services, and beyond. This breadth of experience has provided him with a unique perspective in multiple sectors.


Glen’s expertise extends beyond traditional corporate roles. His passion for innovation is particularly evident in his work with AI. Having been part of a pioneering team in the 1990s that leveraged machine learning for commodity demand prediction, Glen has maintained a keen interest in the practical application of AI as a strategic differentiator. Currently, he spearheads initiatives in Engineering Information Management (EIM) and AI innovation at Access Sciences, applying his knowledge to further the company’s growth and technological footprint.


Glen’s holistic view of industry trends, coupled with his ability to adapt and innovate, positions him to lead Access Sciences development into new horizons.


Outside of his professional life, Glen is an active participant in the sporting clays circuit, a passionate traveler, a dedicated supporter of College Young Life, and an enthusiast in enology. His multifaceted interests and community involvement reflect a leader who not only excels in his field but also contributes significantly to his community and personal passions.

Sondra Ludwick

Vice President of Corporate Services

Sondra Ludwick’s rich background in corporate services has been a cornerstone in the evolution of Access Sciences since 2005. Her expertise spans a range of pivotal areas in human resource management, benefit administration, information technology, and facilities management. Sondra’s role has been integral in cultivating a thriving work environment supporting employee satisfaction and career development.


At Access Sciences, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership in overseeing the employee lifecycle, managing comprehensive benefit programs, and ensuring compliance with various regulatory standards. Sondra’s innovative approaches to streamlining internal processes include an online benefit enrollment system and implementing Unanet for enhanced resource management.


Before joining Access Sciences, Sondra spent 11 years at Accenture. Here, she honed her skills in change management, specifically catering to the energy and resources sector. Her work focused on designing and executing large-scale change initiatives, reinforcing her prowess in managing complex projects and fostering organizational development.


Sondra’s educational background includes a B.A. in Communications from the University of Arizona and an M.Ed. from the University of Houston. She holds professional certifications in HR, underscoring her commitment to continual learning and excellence in her field.


In addition to her professional endeavors, Sondra is an active community participant, engaging in volunteer work and pursuing interests like gardening and wine appreciation. Her multifaceted career and personal interests reflect her dynamic and well-rounded approach to leadership and service.

Access Sciences - Trey Fleming

Trey Fleming

Chief Revenue Officer

Serving as Chief Revenue Officer for Access Sciences Corporation, Trey Fleming has over 25 years of experience selling and managing strategic technology, research, advisory, consulting, systems integration, AI software, and Information Management professional services.


Prior to joining Access Sciences as the Director of Sales in 2022, Trey was a Global Account Manager in oil and gas for Beyond Limits and also led the exploration of cognitive AI for the Sports Sciences market. Before joining Beyond Limits, Trey was a Vice President and Program Director for Gartner’s Global CIO Research Board, a private community of senior IT executives for some of the largest companies in the world. Trey also spent five years in Gartner’s Strategic Account Organization (SAO) leading the business relationship and commercial transformation for Gartner within Chevron. His role included global responsibilities across all operating companies and business units within Chevron’s enterprise value chain. Before joining Gartner in 2011, Trey worked for Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Capgemini, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), and Whitaker Consulting.


Trey is a strategic thinker and visionary who has proven successful at the full-client development and revenue management life cycle. He has received recognition as an Employee of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Sales Executive of the Year, a member of Capgemini’s “ACES” program, and a member of Gartner’s Winners Circle. He is a passionate advocate for the opportunities that exist at the intersection of Information Management, Artificial Intelligence, and Web 3.0, and Trey is certified as an NFT Expert by the Blockchain Council.


Trey has been a member of the Board of Directors for Houston Tomorrow, a non-profit dedicated to researching and addressing issues resulting from the rapid suburban growth across Houston. Trey was also a candidate for the Texas House of Representatives in 2008 and has worked for the Texas Governor, a US Senator, and US presidential candidate.

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