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Analyzing and classifying unstructured content rapidly and accurately.

The explosion of digital content

As the growth of digital content has far outpaced the use of paper, companies expected that the problems associated with managing paper records would disappear. Without physical records, there’d be no need for offsite storage, complicated record centers, or paper-filled cabinets taking up valuable floor space.

Instead, the explosion of digital content brought companies a different set of challenges: knowing what content they have, and how to find and access it. To leverage and benefit from your content, you have to know what and where it is.

With the right expertise and tools, it’s possible to analyze and classify large volumes of content rapidly and accurately. This approach not only yields substantial cost savings, but also frees up your knowledge workers to assess and leverage business-critical content in areas where it’s needed most.

Patented tools and processes

We have patented tools and processes for content analysis, content migration, and taxonomy development, laying the groundwork for successful content management.

Content Analysis

We analyze content, uncovering metadata and extracting information, as the basis for migration and classification.

Content Classification

Our taxonomy and metadata expertise enables efficient and accurate content classification.

Content Migration

Our expertise and tools drive large scale content migrations.

Technology Procurement

We assist organizations to identify and procure fit-for-purpose content analysis, migration, and classification technology.

Taxonomy Development

Our experts design taxonomies so information can be found when needed, regardless of who created it and where it is stored.

Metadata Modeling

We develop metadata models and controlled vocabularies to accurately classify information.

Data Map Development

We develop data maps in support of defensible legal hold and regulatory compliance programs.

Ingestion, Imaging, and Classification

Our teams ingest, image, and classify content, freeing organizations to focus on their core business.

Services that are scalable and customizable

We can help with the strategy, technology, people, planning, and processing of content repositories, both physical and electronic.


Do you sell content analysis and classification software?


Access Sciences is vendor neutral. We keep abreast of the marketplace, in order to recommend the appropriate solutions for your specific requirements.

Success Story:

Content Migration on a Massive Scale

A publicly-traded company with operations in 13 states has grown rapidly in recent years. Along with this growth and financial prosperity came the realization that responsibly managing the company’s information is complicated. This complexity is compounded by the fact that much of their growth has come through acquisition, and no two companies manage their information in the same way.

Success Story:

Emergency Response Enabled By Accurate Information

This integrated energy company ranks among the top 10 publicly traded companies in the world. With more than 90,000 employees and operations in more than 90 countries, they face enormous operational, regulatory, and legal challenges when managing information.

Success Story:

ETL Success Begins With Clean Data

Organizations periodically encounter the need to replace obsolete enterprise systems as they reach end of life, face the loss of vendor support, or fail to keep up with evolving business requirements.


Our team of experts:


Ashley is a Manager in the Technology Consulting practice with over 8 years of technical experience. She brings a strong blend of technical and business skills from her experience in software development and system architecture for companies in industries ranging from Oil and Gas to Government Agencies.  She also has experience with translating complex business processes into detailed technical designs and specifications.

Our team of experts:


Frederick Hall offers over 20 years of management experience and many years specializing in system migration and data cleanse projects involving records and information for several large Fortune 500 companies. Frederick has several years of experience specifically related to OpenText Content Server migrations, and has coordinated and led both testing and change management efforts.


Each organization has unique challenges and opportunities. Let’s talk about yours.