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The exponential growth of information has quickly transformed the chemical industry. Access Sciences helps chemical manufacturers (and their partners) leverage that information for solid business decisions, creating and sustaining competitive advantage.



Capital Projects

Capital projects represent a significant financial, human resource, and opportunity cost investment for any organization. Even when a capital project ends, investment in the developed asset continues as it transitions into production and operates for years and decades to come.


Role in ESG

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Reporting is giving information professionals a new opportunity, a new role to play in maximizing business value. Here’s how you can prep for an ESG report.


Commodity Chemicals

We work with commodity chemical manufacturers to use information to design and build new plants rapidly and safely. Our teams ensure information accuracy, control costs, and smooth the transition to operations.

Agricultural Chemicals

Driven by the intersection of research, regulatory compliance, and efficient manufacturing, we team with manufacturers to ensure that supporting information and data is accurate, timely, and secure.

Consumer Products

Consumer chemical products must be both safe and effective. We partner with producers to use data to drive both qualities.


In today’s environment, understanding how to use information is key to remaining competitive. Unorganized and unmanaged information burdens an organization, so Access Sciences’ team of experts help clients control and extract value from it.

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Engineering Information Management

Our professionals develop specialized information management and governance programs in support of engineering and maintenance organizations.

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Technical Records Management

Aligning people, processes, and systems to deliver accurate technical records throughout the asset lifecycle from design and construction to handover and operations.

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Content Analysis

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Internal Audit/Corrective Action Support

Manage lifecycle from creation to disposition for critical records and information using SharePoint Records Management.

Solving Business


Each organization has unique challenges and opportunities. Let’s talk about yours.