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Managing and performing information-centric services, such as document control and records center operations, so you can focus on delivering your core business.

Successful organizations stay laser-focused…

on improving their core products or services, reducing overhead, and maximizing efficiency and profit. This extends to mission critical support functions like document control and records center operations.

A key challenge is that competencies for maintaining and improving these capabilities don’t overlap with the core mission. For instance, a life sciences organization striving to innovate needs the best and brightest in the sciences, engineering, and healthcare. Locating, hiring, and developing equally talented employees for support functions can be costly, and an unnecessary distraction from the essential needs of the business.

Enter business process outsourcing (BPO)

Adding high-value capabilities to the organization without the associated burden of hiring or developing them.

Document Control

We manage headcount, provide accountability, and leverage repeatable processes to deliver the highest quality and lowest total cost of operations.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Our CAD specialists support design, manage as-built drawings, and juggle changes made by trade partners to maintain historical information and safeguard intellectual property assets.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We provide BIM specialists to make the integration of design and construction more efficient, effective, and competitive.

Records Center Operations

From beginning to end, we do it all – records ingestion, classification, request fulfillment, lifecycle management, and security.

Network/Server Administration

We administer, monitor, and maintain your servers and global networks so you can rest assured knowing they are safe and secure.

System/Software Administration

We install, configure, administer, and upgrade your systems and software applications, freeing you to focus on your core business.

Security Administration

We secure your critical systems, applications, and data to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard intellectual property.

Document Administration and Library Services

Our resources maintain and update regulatory and statutory changes for organization’s legal libraries.


As employee-owners, all of our resources are motivated by your success. Our specialized teams help our clients benefit from cost savings, process improvement, increased accountability, and improved quality.

Business Process Outsourcing

What are the alternatives to outsourcing business processes?


There are generally two alternatives to outsourcing business processes: internal resources (employees) and resources from staffing agencies. While internal resources may deliver quality results, these resources can be a distraction from focus on your core business and make it difficult to manage headcount during the ups and downs of business cycles. When using generic staffing agencies, accountability for quality results typically ends once resources have been placed.

Success Story:

$2,000,000 Savings Realized Due To Access Science’ Diligence

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development had a big problem. Hurricane Katrina cleanup-related expense records could not be located. Without these records, the agency was faced with reimbursing FEMA $2,000,000 unnecessarily.

Success Story:

Outsourced Document Control Reduces Cost of Operations

With billions of dollars at stake, clear and efficient lines of communication between owner operators and their EPC partners are essential for successful execution of capital asset development projects. When these break down, owners frequently experience schedule overruns; budget overruns; manufacturing process setbacks; regulatory issues; and even safety incidents during design, construction, and subsequent operations.

Success Story:

Effective Information Management Drives Time-To-Market Success

In one major semiconductor manufacturer’s ongoing quest for smaller, faster microprocessors, the outward trend is exactly the opposite: constructing ever-larger, more complex multi-billion dollar fabrication plants (fabs) to support new manufacturing processes. All this while maintaining a steady stream of smaller projects, retrofitting older fabs to accommodate more advanced technologies. At any given time, there are several new or retrofit projects under construction and several more in the design phase.


Since 1985, Access Sciences’ dynamic team of experts in information governance, technology enablement, and business strategy have been committed to meeting each clients’ unique information needs.



Access Sciences' Team of Experts


Access Sciences' Team of Experts


Access Sciences' Team of Experts

Our team of experts:


Since joining Access Sciences, Michelle has worked with clients to develop document control and compliance work processes, procedures, and best practices. She builds trusted advisor relationships with key business stakeholders and project team personnel. Michelle has the ability to perform gap analysis and communicate recommendations effectively with project leaders, contractors, and document controllers.

Glenn Frederickson

Our team of experts:


Glenn brings 30+ years of project management, technology and consulting experience, and solutions design. As a program manager, he is skilled at leveraging human resources as well as technology to help clients achieve business objectives. He has extensive background working with state governmental agencies and achievements include analysis, planning, and implementation of improvements to manage government agency information assets and services to the public in the state of Louisiana.


Each organization has unique challenges and opportunities. Let’s talk about yours.