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Changing behaviors and aligning organizations in the pursuit of enabling business priorities.

What if you built the best possible information tools for your organization…

and no one used them? What if you streamlined your processes and optimized your workforce — and but no one knew how to follow them?  What if your information management policies didn’t fit with your corporate culture – and were ignored?

These aren’t hypothetical scenarios. They are very real outcomes for businesses without a sustained and intentional approach to managing change.

Our Prosci® -certified consultants use strategic communication, training, and influence to yield better results for the people leading and experiencing change. Throughout implementation and beyond, our methods guide your people to a new and better way of working, maximizing adoption across the organization.


Our ADKAR®-enabled change management consulting approach infuses every aspect of your program’s development, from design, to configuration and implementation, through final deployment and maintenance.

Change Readiness Assessment

Because a “one-size-fits-all” approach is not effective, our practitioners identify change characteristics, assess your organization for cultural readiness, and evaluate the impact.

Change Management Strategy and Planning

A well thought out strategy and execution plan considers the culture, size and impact of what’s changing, and tools to enable management to support and sponsor behavior change.

Training & Communications

Our approach to a holistic training program provides the foundation for building knowledge about the change, and the desired skills to succeed in the future.

Executive Coaching

We prepare leaders to build support and manage resistance to change initiatives through targeted coaching plans and communications designed to facilitate cohesive cascading messaging.


Our clients enjoy decreased costs, improved return on technology and program investment, and a strong probability of success.


Why do I need to manage change?


As a matter of the bottom line.  The return on investment you earn on your project or initiative is directly tied to the number of people who successfully adopt the change.  A clearly defined change management plan will help increase the chances that employees will successfully make the transition to the new way of doing business.

  • Reduce project risk
  • Improve adoption and project success rates
  • Minimize disruption
  • Manage Resistance

Success Story:

Global Information Management Awareness and Training

With over 25,000 employees and operations in 40 countries, this engineering, procurement, and construction company works in multiple markets worldwide. In order to keep pace with rapidly expanding operations, the client decided to pursue multiple, parallel initiatives, including the implementation of a robust knowledge and content management awareness campaign.

Success Story:

User-Centered Design Paves The Way for Adoption and Compliance

Users had difficulty finding information in this client’s records management system. Which records were and were not available in the system was unknown. Most users did not trust the system, and relied on copies they kept in paper files, shared drives, or hard drives.

Success Story:

Organization Design Drives Enhanced Operations

After having recently spun off from a parent company, IT operations for this E&P company required a rigorous examination of how it could best support business operations as a more nimble independent oil and gas producer. The change in ownership left employees wary of plans for the future.


Since 1985, Access Sciences’ dynamic team of experts in information governance, technology enablement, and business strategy have been committed to meeting each clients’ unique information needs.



Access Sciences' Team of Experts


Access Sciences' Team of Experts


Access Sciences' Team of Experts


Each organization has unique challenges and opportunities. Let’s talk about yours.