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Driving performance in a rapidly evolving industry through the use of critical, timely, and accurate information.

Fundamental changes that drive competitiveness

The E&C industry is experiencing fundamental changes that drive competitiveness and affect future operations.  Collaborative project delivery methods are increasingly popular, including increased coordination with upstream and downstream business partners.  Contracting is becoming more challenging as global competition increases and owners move towards lump sum, turnkey contracts.

Improvements in technology such as 3D BIM modeling and early stage 5D Macro BIM design are making the integration of design and construction more efficient, effective, and competitive.  BIM in turn enables offsite pre-fabrication, driving construction schedule compression.  IoT continues to make inroads into the construction site, generating vast volumes of data.

Much like their customers, E&C companies also face a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.  Successful execution, in the face of these changes and challenges, depends on crucial, timely, and accurate information.

This dynamic environment is transforming the industry, rewarding organizations that can leverage information to manage costs and protect margins.  In order to remain competitive, organizations must closely examine their information, processes, and people to ensure that these enable, rather than hinder, efficient, cost effective, and safe operations.

Transforming information-centric processes.

At Access Sciences, we work with E&C companies, their owner / operator customers, upstream and downstream business partners, and industry trade groups to transform information-centric processes and technologies, enabling digital transformation throughout the industry.



Our teams work with E&C companies to manage the flow of design information with their owner / operator customers, and subcontractors, driving accuracy and efficiency, and ensuring that it is ready for operations.



We help E&Cs use information to smoothly and safely transition from engineering design through a project’s construction phases, and the facilitate the handover to operations.

Global Information Management Awareness and Training

With over 25,000 employees and operations in 40 countries, this engineering, procurement, and construction company works in multiple markets worldwide. In order to keep pace with rapidly expanding operations, the client decided to pursue multiple, parallel initiatives, including the implementation of a robust knowledge and content management awareness campaign.

Working with each sector in


We leverage our capabilities to help EPCs manage their information, processes, and people to ensure that these enable efficient, cost effective, and safe operations.


Related Capability & Service:

Document Control

We manage headcount, provide accountability, and leverage repeatable processes to deliver the highest quality and lowest total cost of operations.

Related Capability & Service:

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Our CAD specialists support design, manage as-built drawings, and juggle changes made by trade partners to maintain historical information and safeguard intellectual property assets.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We provide BIM specialists to make the integration of design and construction more efficient, effective, and competitive.

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Engineering Information Management

Our professionals develop specialized information management and governance programs in support of engineering and maintenance organizations.


Our team of experts:


Since joining Access Sciences in 2001, Kathy has led the design and implementation of information management strategies and solutions that address process efficiency, personnel safety, and regulatory compliance for many of the world’s leading petrochemical and E&C companies. Outside of her professional career, Kathy enjoys time with family and proudly supporting her alma mater, Louisiana State University.


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