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Providing expert support for enterprise software selection and procurement.

The goals of selecting enterprise software are simple…

you want to define your needs, determine how the software can help, and find the system that does that best.

However, the process quickly gets complicated. Internal stakeholders have different priorities. Software vendors and the business speak different languages. And of course, every vendor insists that their software is “the only choice” for your organization!

It helps to have someone in the room who has been through this before. Access Sciences provides expert support for enterprise software selection and procurement. We specialize in simplifying the process, maximizing the return on your software investment, and reducing risk.

Our services begin by engaging stakeholders and users to develop and prioritize the right set of requirements. From there we help you to craft an effective RFP, navigate vendor responses, stage meaningful demonstrations, and validate your ultimate selection.


to ask the right questions, we listen early and often, so that everyone can embrace the selected solution as theirs.

Current State Analysis

We analyze your technology, processes, and people to understand your organization’s existing operating environment.

Requirements Development

Our consultants identify, vet, and prioritize requirements that support your unique business processes.

Software Market Capabilities Summary

We help you understand how the market can address your requirements.

RFP Development and Evaluation

We craft effective RFPs and evaluate vendor responses to identify the solution that best fits your requirements.

Demonstration Planning and Facilitation

Our team serves as the translator between requirements and solution functionality, identifying gaps, and holding vendors accountable.

Contracting Process Support

We provide subject matter expertise as part of your procurement processes.

Pilot Project Definition

We create a level playing field by specifying a pilot in sufficient detail.

Change Management

We help keep your organization aligned, engaged, and informed throughout the procurement process.


Not just manage the procurement process, but to give you a running head start that helps make your enterprise software project a success.


What are the most common mistakes that organizations make when procuring enterprise software?


The most common mistakes we see are an ineffective set of requirements and too little engagement with the potential users of the system. Requirements analysis is one of the most difficult aspects of the software selection or development process. Many organizations try to take shortcuts, whether it be adopting someone else’s requirements, trying to express requirements on behalf of their users, or assuming they can figure out the requirements as the system is deployed. Any of these approaches will result in requirements that fall short of the goal, which is to accurately reflect the users’ needs and voice.

Success Story:

Public Sector Expertise Drives Harris
County ECM Selection

Harris County, Texas, is the most populous county in Texas and the third-most populous county in the United States. Houston, the largest city in Texas and fourth-largest city in the United States, is the county seat.

Success Story:

System-less In Seattle

In recent decades, the City of Seattle has experienced exponential growth. With more than 10,000 employees spread across 36 agencies, providing services to over 3,800,000 metro area residents is a daunting challenge that increasingly dependent on accurate, timely, and accessible information and records.

Success Story:

A Record-Setting Strategic Plan

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) was formally chartered by the city of Brownsville in 1960 to provide end-to- end electrical, water, and wastewater services to its customers in the rapidly growing Rio Grande Valley region of Texas. That is a big agenda for the City-appointed seven member Board and the 600 employees who make up one of the largest municipally-owned utilities (MOU) in the state and country.


Our team of experts:


Michael Boses is a Principal with the Technology practice. He is a content technology expert whose experience bridges technical design and business process improvement. Michael’s track record includes the leadership of numerous large-scale projects in government and industry and the co-founding of two software companies.


Our team of experts:


Josh Quintero is a Consultant with Access Sciences. Since joining the company in 2013, Joshua has gained experience in a variety of industries and settings. Josh has hands-on experience setting up physical and electronic file plans, managing records transfers and destruction, performing quality assurance, and managing indexing operations.


Each organization has unique challenges and opportunities. Let’s talk about yours.