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Working across all sectors of the global energy industry to transform information-centric processes and technologies.

Disruption drives innovation

Over the past decade, the upstream energy sector has experienced a dizzying roller coaster ride with wild swings in oil prices, a glut of domestic natural gas, disruptive E&P technologies, global geo-political supply issues, and competition from renewables.  Consequences from these dynamics have rippled through industry sectors that are dependent on the upstream market.

Midstream companies are challenged with unpredictable volumes and costs, while addressing demands for new or increased pipeline capacity. Refiners face volatile feedstock prices, changing crude makeup, and aging infrastructure, while LNG exporters race to start operations.  Oilfield services companies need to be able to invest in improved technologies and capacities, while faced with unpredictable demand and increasing global competition.  Each of these sectors face a rapidly evolving and difficult to predict regulatory environment.

These dynamics have disrupted the global energy industry, rewarding nimble and adaptable organizations.  At the same time, the volume of information generated by these activities has exploded and in many ways is fundamentally transforming the industry.

Efficient, Cost Effective, Safe Operations

Access Sciences plays a pivotal role in this environment, helping organizations closely examine and transform their information, processes, and people to ensure that these enable, rather than hinder, efficient, cost effective, and safe operations.



Our team’s deep information and data expertise helps exploit opportunities and mitigate risk in the hyper-competitive E&P sector.



We help midstream operators be more cost effective, while fulfilling demands for new and expanded capacity in an increasingly rigorous regulatory environment.



Information and automation increasingly drive refining operations.  Access Sciences excels at managing these to drive efficiency, safety, and profitability.


Liquefied Natural Gas

With LNG support services on multiple continents, Access Sciences understands the complexities of the LNG sector and the importance of balancing speed-to-market with safe, efficient operations.


Oilfield Services

We use information to help oilfield services providers balance investment priorities, unpredictable demand, and growing global competition.

Open Access Collaboration – A SharePoint Success Story

With the consolidation of a critical business function, from a business unit-level responsibility to a centralized, corporate-level organization, this global company was presented with the opportunity to significantly improve its information management practices using Microsoft SharePoint.

Working with each sector in


We work with each of these sectors, their supply chain partners, and industry trade groups to craft solutions by leveraging capabilities that address the industry’s unique challenges.


Related Capability & Service:

Document Control

We manage headcount, provide accountability, and leverage repeatable processes to deliver the highest quality and lowest total cost of operations.


Our team of experts:


Renu Hall has over 20 years of experience matching business needs with the right technology solutions. Her areas of interest range from solution evaluation, design, and implementation, to integration, migration, adoption, and governance. She serves as the technology practice lead, and as project leader for client-facing and internal projects.


Each organization has unique challenges and opportunities. Let’s talk about yours.