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Teaming with power and utility organizations to support efficient, cost effective, and safe operations while addressing the growing information needs of a rapidly evolving industry.

Changing dynamics reward agility

As the power and utility industry evolves, it faces pressure on a number of fronts including the ongoing need for cost containment and streamlined operations, a mature workforce, aging infrastructure, cybersecurity concerns, and compliance with rapidly changing and overlapping regulations.  Newer dynamics also contribute to this pressure.  These include the growth of renewables, transmission availability and capacity challenges, demand response, dynamic pricing, and smart grid technologies.  As these dynamics fundamentally change the industry, organizations with the agility and capacity to adapt will be rewarded.

The increasing volume of information generated as part of this environment can be overwhelming.  To remain competitive, organizations must closely examine their information, processes, and people to ensure that these continue to support efficient, cost effective, and safe operations, while evolving to support new dynamics.

Overcoming Challenges

Access Sciences helps organizations address these challenges by ensuring that information is accurate, timely, secure, and compliant while adapting to new industry dynamics.


Conventional Generation

Conventional power generators are increasingly pressured by competition from renewables and an unpredictable regulatory environment.  Our teams work with generators to leverage information to overcome these challenges.



We use information to help renewable energy providers remain nimble in the face of policy uncertainty and competition with traditional generators.


Transmission and Distribution

As utility infrastructure continues to age and regulatory constraints increase, Access Sciences’ engineering information management experts help ensure safety and compliance.



Retail electric providers now generate annual revenues exceeding $100M.  This market continues to grow as more and more states permit retail competition.   Access Sciences’ information management expertise and knowledge of the retail electricity business drives competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded landscape.


Independent System Operators (ISO)

ISOs (and related regional transmission organizations) generate and use massive amounts of data to coordinate and control electric power grids.  Our teams work with ISOs to manage the lifecycle of this information to drive safe, efficient operations.

1,438% ROI Realized With New Technical Records Program

Records management programs tend to focus on the legal consequences of not keeping records that should be retained, or retaining records that should be destroyed. Technical records are a different matter.

Working with each sector in Power and


We work with power and utility organizations and their partners to craft solutions by leveraging capabilities that address the industry’s unique challenges.


Related Capability & Service:

Technical Records Management

Aligning people, processes, and systems to deliver accurate technical records throughout the asset lifecycle from design and construction to handover and operations.

Related Capability & Service:

Content Analysis

We analyze content, uncovering metadata and extracting information, as the basis for migration and classification.

Related Capability & Service:

Internal Audit / Corrective Action Support

Our teams provide support for information-centric audits and expert guidance when designing and executing corrective actions.


Our team of experts:


Amelia is a Consulting Manager with extensive experience in records and information management. Her professional experience has spanned both the consulting services and managed services practices at Access Sciences. She has worked with clients to manage high-volume record relocation projects, information sharing and division during divestitures, retention schedule development, and information governance program development.


Each organization has unique challenges and opportunities. Let’s talk about yours.