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Change Management

Change in an organization disrupts the way people work. Change management is needed anywhere where there is a gap between old behavior including:

  • Standing up new technology, tools, or software
  • Implementing new processes and procedures
  • Leading culture change within your organization
  • Company reorganizations like mergers, acquisition and divestitures

When you attempt to roll out a project, you will encounter as many responses as there are affected individuals. You’ll need to use a complete toolbox of change strategies including:

  • Change readiness – Understanding an organization’s capacity for change, highlighting specific areas of risk or resistance, and plan a strategy to deal with it.
  • Stakeholder management – Building a coalition for change among your leaders and stakeholders and leveraging their influence.
  • Communication – Building awareness of and desire for change in your organization with targeted specific audiences.
  • Training – Providing people with the knowledge and ability to act on the change
  • Reinforcement – Turning your project or initiative into a sustainable and lasting change.

Change management focuses on the people side of your project implementation.  Change management is a set of strategies and tools used to guide the individuals in an organization through a change and minimize the gap between current and desired behavior.

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