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A successful technology initiative is more than just software – it begins with a clear understanding about how technology will be used, by real people, doing real work.

Technology alone does not solve business problems

Since today’s off-the-shelf software provides more features and capabilities than ever, why do so many technology projects still struggle to meet users’ needs? We believe it is because project success is more about people, process, and thoughtful design than it is about technology.

Systems Enablement describes our approach to technology projects. Our people, process, and information management skills are the foundation for solution design. That foundation is the difference between a system that struggles for adoption and one that is fully embraced by your organization.

Systems Enablement also requires top technical skills to implement the designed solution. Whether it’s thoughtfully configuring off-the-shelf software or developing custom applications, Access Sciences provides industry-leading software project development services from rapid prototyping and system implementation, through full program management, project governance, and quality assurance.

Change management is key

The ROI you realize is directly tied to user adoption. Effective change communications, training, and go-live support make this a reality.

Solution Architecture

Our architects design solutions that address business objectives, fulfill requirements, respect the organization’s technical standards, and integrate with existing line of business applications.

Requirements Development

We identify, document, and prioritize requirements in a way that supports your unique business processes and is understandable by internal stakeholders, and external vendors and service providers.

System Implementation and Configuration

We implement and configure off-the-shelf software, or develop custom applications, to address business needs.

Rapid Prototyping and Proof-of-Concept

Our consultants use Agile processes to rapidly develop extendable prototypes, and create requirements-based proof-of-concepts.

Systems Integration

Our specialists leverage off-the-shelf functionality, and develop custom application interfaces, to create sustainable integrations.

Business Process Automation

We design and implement interactive forms and workflows to automate critical business processes.

Change Management

To drive user adoption, we weave change management into everything we do.


We perform functional, integration, and end-to-end testing to ensure that deployed solutions meet requirements and perform as specified.

Successful implementations require expertise

Whether you are upgrading an in-house legacy system, expanding your technical infrastructure into the cloud, or developing a digital platform, our Systems Enablement services can provide a key to your success.

Glen and Angela

Is change management important for software projects?


Yes.  In fact, we contend that it is vital.  Involving users in requirements development, providing early, frequent, and consistent communication about the need for and progress of the project, and delivering effective training and support can be the difference between successful user adoption and failure.

Success Story:

Information Strategy Drives Safe and
Efficient Operations

After decades of haphazard information management practices and growth by acquisition, the downstream division of this integrated energy company needed a fresh evaluation of its information management strategy and portfolio, and a plan to address the findings.

Success Story:

Equipment Enrollment Application Supports Coast Guard Modernization

The United States Coast Guard faced a challenge. As it strove to modernize and restructure management of its $14B portfolio of shore-based assets, the Coast Guard realized that it did not have a consistent, standardized, fullypopulated inventory of these assets.

Success Story:

Effective Information Management Drives Time-To-Market Success

In one major semiconductor manufacturer’s ongoing quest for smaller, faster microprocessors, the outward trend is exactly the opposite: constructing ever-larger, more complex multi-billion dollar fabrication plants (fabs) to support new manufacturing processes.


Our team of experts:


Renu Hall has over 20 years of experience matching business needs with the right technology solutions. Her areas of interest range from solution evaluation, design, and implementation, to integration, migration, adoption, and governance. She serves as the technology practice lead, and as project leader for client-facing and internal projects.

Our team of experts:


Wey is a senior technology consultant who recently celebrated 5 years with Access Sciences. His background focuses on the development of SharePoint sites for increased collaboration for our clients. Wey has experience with holding stakeholder and SME meetings for data gathering, SharePoint site configuration, and training. He enjoys working with different groups of people and has had the opportunity to work with teams located all around the world.


Each organization has unique challenges and opportunities. Let’s talk about yours.