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Protecting Intellectual Property in a Multi-Stakeholder, Global Environment

Semiconductor | United States, Ireland, Germany & Israel

In the intricate realm of semiconductor manufacturing, efficiently managing and safeguarding intellectual property (IP) and confidential information is paramount for a global semiconductor manufacturer. Access Sciences plays a pivotal role in maintaining the critical information that integrates into the construction of our client’s fabrication (FAB) plants. This involves managing the foundational drawings and data as well as ensuring timely updates facilitating effective Management of Change (MOC) processes.


Our client is contractually obligated to share confidential project information with all the construction stakeholders, while simultaneously protecting Intellectual Property (IP) information from unauthorized access and use.

The Business Problem…

In line with the company’s policy of “Copy Exact”, a significant challenge was presented in the construction of multiple semiconductor fabricating plants across the globe. This undertaking is crucial in the company’s expansion. The primary challenge is sharing confidential project information across various stakeholders necessary for maintaining project integrity and precision, while also safeguarding sensitive information.

The Solution…

  • Meticulous control of information flow
  • Use of automation tools for audit to ensure compliance with CAD standards
  • Enforcement of company standards across a multi-stakeholder environment

The Results…

The partnership with Access Sciences yields a more operationally efficient and capable organization.


  • Effective communication strategies with construction stakeholders such as architects, engineers, general contractors, and trade contractors, ensures alignment with the company’s focus on quality.
  • Creation and enforcement of a well-defined process and governance model that supports the company’s aim for constant innovation and reliable product delivery.

The Business Value…

Collaboration delivers significant value by insight-driven governance and decisions across the enterprise.


  • Empowering decision makers, protecting vital information, and contributing to the company’s fabrication plant expansion across the globe.
  • Strengthening governance and compliance, crucial for the company’s reputation and its commitment to security and ethical practices.
  • Providing insights through data analysis, contributing to the company’s culture of innovation and continuous improvement


Services Align with the Company’s Four (4) Strategic Priorities:

  1. Accelerating Growth: Access Sciences supports the efficient construction of new fabrication plants in multiple global locations in California, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio, Israel, Ireland, and Germany.
  2. Improving Execution: Access Sciences ensures precise and effective management of information flow and utilizes automation tools for compliance and communication in alignment with the company’s commitment to capital efficiency.
  3. Deploying Capital: Access Sciences enables the global semiconductor company to strengthen its competitive position in the industry while maintaining its commitment to shareholder value and technological innovation.
  4. Evolving Culture: Access Sciences support encourages a collaborative environment focused on truth and transparency, aligning with the company’s evolving cultural ethos.

Extensive time (invested) into three (3) key domains of change for People, Process, and Technology

  • People: Implementing strict control over information flow by managing access to platforms like BIM360, SharePoint, and a Drawing Management Systems (DMS) Portal. This includes onboarding (facilities), new users, and suppliers.
  • Process: Facilitating user access based on a robust NDA Library, ensuring the dissemination of accurate content in a timely manner through approved platforms and Transmittals.
  • Technology: Developing and utilizing automation tools to facilitate information access through their DMS Portal, and to ensure compliance with the company’s CAD standards. This includes an automated audit tool and ensures sensitive information is appropriately restricted and accessed.


  • Protection of intellectual property and confidential information
  • Compliance to company standards for information management and collaboration
  • Clarity and consistency with a streamlined communication process with its construction Architectural Engineers (AE) and General Contractors (GC)


Access Sciences’ work demonstrates how strategic management of information in complex, multinational projects can directly contribute to the enterprise’s strategic priorities, driving growth, improving execution, deploying capital effectively, and evolving corporate culture in line with its transformation goals.

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