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Automation and Chatbots for Microsoft Teams

By: Access Sciences

Automation and Chatbots for Microsoft Teams

If you tuned into Access Sciences’ July webinar, “Practical Governance for Microsoft Teams,” you already know of our tech team’s work with automation and chatbots. Since the webinar’s “Teams bot demo” sparked a lot of interest in its capabilities and benefits, the team developed a more extensive, in-depth demo to share with you and your organization.

They crafted an environment in both SharePoint Online and Teams for the fictitious company, Siphon – a midstream energy company based in the Houston area. The automation and chatbots built into Siphon’s environment showcase its ability to maintain consistency and compliance within any organization’s Teams environment.


In the demo snippet below, Renu explains how the team leveraged Siphon’s existing technology to implement automation and chatbots into its Teams environment.

They employed Power Automate and Graph API’s to set standards for Teams names, apps, as well as records and document management. They also used Power Virtual Agents to integrate a conversational bot into the Teams’ chat feature. Lastly, Renu demonstrates how these chat bots can be integrated to facilitate specific services, including Teams provisioning, archive, and deletion processes.


Renu introduces Siphon’s chat bot, Omni, and demonstrates its potential with certain tasks. Once users access the bot through chat, the bot will offer some key, most-requested topics of discussion. In Omni’s case, it’s Teams Help, New Team Request, Which Team(s) am I a part of?, Join a Team, Records Management and Retention Labels, and Governance and Compliance.

Accessing the bot + Teams Help

New Team Request

Which Team(s) am I a part of?

Join a Team

Records Management and Retention Labels

Governance and Compliance

Throughout the demo, Renu Hall details how automation and chatbots’ capabilities can enhance consistency and compliance within any organization’s Teams environment.

If you’re interested in accessing the full demo, check out the full video below.


If you’re interested in a personalized bot demo for your organization, complete the form to contact us.

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