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Access Sciences’ mission is to Tame Information Chaos. At our core, we are an Enterprise and Engineering Information Management firm working in the Petrochemical, Energy, Construction, Semiconductor, and Government sectors. We deliver purpose-driven projects and managed services across your information infrastructure, and we’ve been doing so since 1985 for some of the largest and most complex state agencies and corporations in the world.


Access Sciences’ value chain is the flow of Data to Information to Intelligence to Insight.
As we look to the future of our industry, Access Sciences will operate at the intersection of Information Management (IM), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Web 3.0 (W3).

Access Sciences -Information Strategy
  • Current State Analysis
  • Future State Roadmap
  • Advisory Services
  • Change Strategy
Access Sciences Technology, Governance, and Change Management
  • Solution Architecture
  • Systems Implementation & Configuration
  • Content Migration
  • Information Life Cycle Policies & Procedures
  • Information Classification Models
  • Org Design & Readiness Assessments
  • Communication Strategy
  • Training Design and Delivery
Access Sciences Managed Services
  • Engineering Information Management
  • Ongoing Management of Capital Asset


  • Records Management Operations
  • Public Information Request Management

and Optimization

  • Strategic Resource Augmentation

Getting you from “raw information” to “insightful wisdom.”

We specialize in creating and implementing the kind of information infrastructures needed by people to bring chaos under control. We take your information, organize it, aggregate it, label it, protect it, and in the process, not only make it more accessible, we make it exponentially more valuable.

Access Sciences Managed Services

Focus on what you do best. Leave taming chaos to us.

The services we provide aren’t do-it-yourself — they’re fully managed. That simply means we bring the methodology, the know-how, and an expert staff to you. You focus on the bottom line. We’ll focus on the horizon. That’s how purpose-driven partnerships work.

Maximized value from your information.

By knowing what you have and how all the dots connect, you can leverage your information, data, and content to produce predictions, recommendations, and most important of all, actionable insights. To put it another way, you now have the tools to increase efficiency and in turn, productivity.

Access Sciences - Information Value

Need to know how to get the most value out of your information?

What a nice coincidence. We can do that for you.