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Records Management

There is no single, correct spot for records management to sit within an organization and it will depend on the culture of your organization and the mission of the records management program.  On organization charts, we usually see records management within the Legal, Risk Management and Compliance, or Information Technology functions of the organization.

More important than where records management sits, though, is whether it is recognized as a key organizational function.  And – is the records manager at the same peer level as other managers in the business with similar responsibilities?

There are many factors in determining how often you should get the regulatory research in your retention schedule updated and refreshed.  You are due for a routine refresh if it has been several years since your retention schedule was last updated or you may need to refresh your schedule in response to a change in your business.  Some questions to consider in determining if you need a refresh:

  • Are you in a highly regulated industry?
  • Does your industry experience much change?
  • When was your schedule last updated?
  • Have you entered or exited a line of business or jurisdiction?
  • Do you operate internationally?
  • Is your retention schedule inclusive of records in all formats and media?
  • Is your current retention schedule too granular, with many event-based retention periods?

Consider getting involved in your local chapter of ARMA International and attending ARMA’s chapter meetings and conferences.  Depending on your focus, other organizations can be helpful in providing guidance on best practice in records and information management, such as Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and AIIM.

Access Sciences is a member of many professional organizations for records and information management.  We frequently speak at conferences and are involved in industry-specific groups and leadership roles.  This helps us stay connected to our clients and remain aware of changes in the industries we provide services to.

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