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Access Sciences offers a wide range of robust and affordable software and services. The State of Texas DIR contract vehicle simplifies and expedites the procurement process by allowing eligible customers to purchase software and services directly from Access Sciences in the following category: Nintex Forms and Workflows.


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Nintex Forms and Workflows

Nintex® is a global innovator of software products that extend SharePoint® technology. Nintex® has grown an impressive list of customers across government, public, and private organizations, including over a quarter of the Fortune 500 and over 100 major banks.

As the world’s leading SharePoint workflow company with customers in over 90 countries, Nintex Forms and Workflow have been designed to enhance and extend—rather than replace—the SharePoint 2010 and 2013 native workflow environment. The browser-based user interface of Nintex Workflow takes full advantage of the new SharePoint 2010 and 2013 interface experience. Nintex Workflow is recognized by analysts as the most utilized third party tool for SharePoint, and Nintex Forms as the breakthrough technology that enables SharePoint forms to be designed and deployed quickly and easily.

Nintex is focused on delivering technology that is powerful, easy to use and that addresses the needs of business users, developers, and IT professionals alike. Using Forms allows business professionals to get the right information to the right people by connecting forms with your processes. Workflows automate business processes ranging from simple to complex logic flows that can be used within a single department to organization-wide.

Nintex Forms and Workflows will empower organizations to extend business process automation to more people and places. By reimagining workflow and work management, Nintex allows any end user in an organization, any department, any horizontal, to use Forms and Workflows easily and to access it anywhere at any time. Ease of use also pertains to the IT workgroup; Nintex software is a set of extensions to SharePoint that deploys in 15 minutes and requires minimal if any incremental attention from IT.

Nintex also supports cloud computing by building and optimizing Nintex Forms for Office 365 and Nintex Workflows for Office 365 for users to run workflows in the cloud. Nintex accommodates organizations that possess a combination of on-premise and cloud-based assets, by offering a combined license for our Office 365 and SharePoint editions that lets the organization build and deploy solutions that span both environments. This allows Nintex users to use a combination of online and onsite workflows, work entirely in the cloud, or support a range of hybrid on-premise scenarios.


Advantages of Nintex Forms and Workflows

  • The Nintex workflow platform works seamlessly with SharePoint and Office 365
  • Nintex designer is embedded directly into SharePoint
  • Host workflows in Office 365 with Nintex Workflow Online and connect workflows across distributed SharePoint deployments
  • Adding metadata based on user-defined business rules
  • Automatically kick off workflows and route tasks based on form submissions
  • Approve, review, and track information submitted via forms
  • Each task includes background information so you don’t have to click links to find out what to approve
  • Monitor the status of your business processes in real-time to quickly address performance, quality, and compliance issues