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Access Sciences’ Founder Janice Anderson

Access Sciences’ Founder Janice Anderson

How did you get the idea to start Access Sciences?

I went to graduate school for a degree in library and information sciences and, in the process, learned how information is organized and used over time. After some time in the professional world, I was asked to set up a technical library for a small exploration company and got a taste of what it was like to work in information management in a corporate environment. Following that, I spent a few years working for a large engineering company, again managing large volumes of information. During that time, I recognized that there was a need for organizations to better manage and govern the information that they rely on. As a result, I resigned and started “Access Information Associates”.


Where did the name “Access Sciences” come from?

In 2003, the internet was becoming more important for business, especially domain names. I engaged a marketing expert and graphic artist who helped transition from “Access Information Associates” to “Access Sciences”. “Access” refers to the ability to find and manage information. “Sciences” refers to the methodology and approach used to govern the information.


Did you ever imagine Access Sciences would grow to be what it is today?

Actually, yes. I always wanted the company to have an identity apart from myself.


What were the principles Access Sciences was founded upon?

There were three main principles when I started the company – personalized service, excellence, and integrity. These are fundamental to establishing relationships and trust with a client. If we can’t demonstrate and act on this, we may get business but we won’t keep the business.


What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome?

I never took a business course in college. My undergrad degree in sociology didn’t require finance, marketing, and accounting classes. I learned how to do payroll and other functional tasks as I was going. I also hired very good advisors, an attorney, an accountant, and a banker, from the beginning.


What success makes you the proudest?

Looking at the range of services and the people delivering them today. Connecting the dots to what I originally envisioned we would be offering.


How do you spend your time now that you’re retired?

I serve on non-profit boards, travel, and spend time with my seven grandchildren.


If you were giving advice to another start-up business, what you would say?

Be in it for the long haul and plan for the transitions – new offerings, growth, retiring, and leadership changes.


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