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Hindsight 20/20: Procurement – How To Get What You Need

By: Josh Quintero

Hindsight 20/20: Procurement – How To Get What You Need


Now that your organization has decided to invest in a new technology solution for Enterprise Content Management, it’s important to help ensure that you procure the right tool for the job. These systems are a major investment in both time and money. Many organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars only to find that it doesn’t have the functionality promised or assumed, and that the software will go unused.

The procurement of software should be more robust than just the buying process itself. You can help your organization get what it really needs through a well-thought out partnering approach with your company’s key stakeholders in the process – The Business, IT, and Procurement.

Join us for Part 2 of a 4-Part Series where Josh Quintero, Senior Consultant, shares knowledge from helping clients navigate the software procurement process.

This webinar will explore the benefits of this approach, as well as the consequences of alternatives:

  • Gather true organizational requirements
  • Create a level playing field for vendor and product demonstrations
  • Evaluate vendors with metrics, not emotions
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