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Hindsight 20/20: Change Management vs. The Creature of Habit

By: Frederick Hall

Hindsight 20/20: Change Management vs. The Creature of Habit


It is human nature to be resistant to change, for some more than others. Organizational change will invariably bring up resistance within certain groups or individuals. The management of change can be challenging, but with the right approach, even those that are considered “blockers” can be brought into the fold; often times, even becoming champions of the cause.

Whether the change is in systems, processes or any other part of your organization, understanding how to overcome resistance can be the key to success in any implementation.

Join us for the final part of our 4-Part Series, where Frederick Hall, Senior Consultant, shares his valuable lessons learned from real-life application of Change Management methodologies in unusual circumstances. Anecdotal evidence of success in a difficult and challenging environment, with a different point of view.

This webinar will cover:

  • Tactics for encouraging the move from the old to the new
  • Understanding the mind of the blocker
  • Getting buy-in from even the toughest of customers
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