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Partnering with technology manufacturers, their AE partners, and other suppliers to provide seamless management of complex, time-critical, and highly confidential information on a global basis.

Time-to-market is everything.

For a new semiconductor design, the elapsed time from concept to production in a new fabrication plant can be as little as 24 months.  In this hyper-competitive environment, being first to market can translate to billions of dollars in revenue and, by extension, enable the winner to drive market direction for future generations.

Beyond time-to-market, globalization also plays an increasing important role.  24-hour communication cycles, cultural barriers, ironclad IP protection, logistical hurdles, and the need to minimize reliance on the availability of specific resources are old hat to Access Sciences’ traditional client bases such as energy and engineering, construction, and engineering.

Adaptation of foundational processes such as document control are introducing new efficiencies to the high technology manufacturing sector and are helping to decrease time-to-market even further, aiding our clients in this hyper-competitive industry.

Cross-Industry Expertise

The use of emerging technologies, and our decades of information management expertise, our teams are enabling digital transformation in the high technology industry.


Semiconductor Manufacturing

Our teams manage the flow of information and safeguard IP assets for fabrication design and construction.



We alleviate the burden of information management so organizations can focus on their core mission.


Defense & Space

Our teams help organizations to manage massive amounts of data and information to drive efficiencies and enable digital transformation.

Effective Information Management Drives Time-To-Market Success

In one major semiconductor manufacturer’s ongoing quest for smaller, faster microprocessors, the outward trend is exactly the opposite: constructing ever-larger, more complex multi-billion dollar fabrication plants (fabs) to support new manufacturing processes.

Working with each sector in


We work with technology manufacturers, their AE partners, and other suppliers to provide seamless management of complex, time-critical, and highly confidential information on a global basis.


Related Capability & Service:

We manage headcount, provide accountability, and leverage repeatable processes to deliver the highest quality and lowest total cost of operations.

Related Capability & Service:

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Our CAD specialists support design, manage as-built drawings, and juggle changes made by trade partners to maintain historical information and safeguard intellectual property assets.

Related Capability & Service:

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We provide BIM specialists to make the integration of design and construction more efficient, effective, and competitive.

Related Capability & Service:

Engineering Information Managment

Our professionals develop specialized information management and governance programs in support of engineering and maintenance organizations.


Our team of experts:


Jennifer is the Operation Manager for one of our clients in the high tech industry.  She uses strong analytical ability to think strategically about the client’s business in various departments, across three states for multiple sites.  Jennifer’s focus is real time measurable customer solutions that are sustainable, improve quality, increase production and eliminates waste.


Each organization has unique challenges and opportunities. Let’s talk about yours.