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Change Management Plan and Execution Guides Transition with Ease

Energy Industry | United States

A large, renowned energy company set out to adapt to the changing times by embarking on a digital transformation. The first step in this new direction involved the adoption of a customized platform, which was created by Dassault Systèmes, to streamline the creation of engineering project specifications and procurement packages, as well as enhance the process of accessing, analyzing, and editing the company’s Global Practices (GPs).

However, the introduction of the Dassault Systèmes product lifestyle management (PLM) software impacted the work of thousands of the client’s employees – 21,300 employees across five business units to be exact. Naturally, the scope of its impact resulted in pushback from some of those affected employees. To ease the client’s strain during this transition, Access Sciences crafted a change management plan followed by a persistent follow-through to support a smooth, successful rollout of the platform.


The client’s decision to adopt a new, customized platform directly affected the work of 21,300 employees across five different business units.


Guided the client’s transition to the new platform with a comprehensive change management plan and a persistent follow-through.


Received effective training and communications, which were tailored to the unique needs of five different business units, throughout the platform’s implementation process.

Gained two easy-to-use, project-related websites for (1) project updates and trainings and (2) engineers’ access to Global Practices (GPs) standards and requirements.

  • Change Management Strategy & Planning
  • Training & Communication


  • After meeting with its long-term client to assess its current needs and wants, Access Sciences created a plan to implement the new platform in three phases by customizing functionalities, timelines, and end users to the different departments, roles, and locations.
  • To compliment all three phases of the transition, Access Sciences provided timely communications articles, crafting each specifically for all five business units – Fuels and Lubricants, Upstream, Chemicals, Global Projects, and Research and Engineering.
  • Access Sciences provided helpful, timely communications to all the client’s affected employees throughout the entire implementation process. Not only did Access Sciences drive executive sponsorship by providing email messaging, scripted videos, and presentations to the executive staff, but it also provided information to end users daily through newsletters, email messaging, and weekly posts to private, internal social networks.
  • To better facilitate training and communication, Access Sciences built and supported two significant project websites. The first website served as the go-to location for all important project information, updates, and training resources. The second website was created to replace an outdated site, functioning as an engineering portal to reference Global Practices (GPs) standards and requirements.


“The change management approach and persistent follow-through helped pave the way for the successful adoption by end users,” said the client’s Engineering Practices and Global Project Rollout Lead.

Without a properly structured plan and determined execution, the client would have been more susceptible to chaos as the new platform rolled out and impacted the work of thousands of employees. Access Sciences’ approach to implementation and change management not only prepared the client’s employees for the transition, but it also established a solid foundation for effective use of the platform moving forward.

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