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Access Sciences in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

By: Access Sciences

Access Sciences in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

While Access Sciences is a Houston-based company, our team spans the U.S. with operations and projects in seven states. Thankfully, today’s technology makes it easy for us to keep in touch, remaining a tight-knit group and fulfilling our core value – be a team player.

With such a widespread group of employees, we believe it’s important to continue fostering relationships and knowledge-share within the company. So, last month, some of our Houston team members traveled to visit with our Baton Rouge, Louisiana team and clients.

Here’s a rundown of our Baton Rouge operations and some of our team members that execute them:

Be a Team Player

We take care of each other by respecting diversity, practicing transparency, being accountable for our work, and supporting the growth and success of our teammates.

Access Sciences Across the United States


Access Sciences’ partnership with LDEQ began in 2004, which makes the agency our first Louisiana-based client. At that point in time, LDEQ was operating physical files within its public records center, and our team was brought on to carry out records center operations.

Since then, our scope has grown, and our team has expanded at LDEQ! In 17 years, we’ve helped the agency transition from paper records to their first version of a public-facing Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) – and then, recently, to a new, modernized version of the EDMS.

Deliver Exceptional Service

We have an unwavering commitment to doing what’s best for our clients, each other, and our communities.

Glenn Frederickson is the project manager for the long-term partnership, guiding the records management, technical support, and imaging operations teams. While he heads those day-to-day operations, Glenn has also proven to go the extra mile in delivering exceptional service to help the program reach new levels of success.

“Back in my younger days at the department, I was the finance director at the agency. And so, my staff – doing their normal accounting research – has to go pull paper that’s downstairs, and they also bring a little cart with them of a copier, so they don’t have to bring the boxes up and down. And one day Glenn comes and pops in my office, he was like, ‘Karyn, I think we can help you with this.’ And he came up with a great solution for it, and I would say probably 75% of our accounting records are now electronic.”


–  Karyn Andrews, Undersecretary for LDEQ in Modernizing LDEQ’s Records Management with Karyn Andrews & Glenn Frederickson



Tina Gibeson, a Certified Records Manager (CRM), is our Senior Records Analyst. Her certification, which is awarded by the Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM), recognizes her as highly knowledgeable in all phases of the
document life cycle.

Tina also serves as the president of the Baton Rouge/Lafayette ARMA Chapter, providing networking and knowledge-share opportunities for all information professionals in the area.

Last but not least, Tina is an adjunct professor for Information Governance (IG) at Louisiana State University (her alma mater), guiding the next generation of IG professionals.

Stormi Verret joined Access Sciences as an intern and is now a full-time Records Analyst – a Certified Records Analyst (CRA) on the way to becoming a CRM. To reach CRA status, you have to pass three of the six CRM tests. And Louisiana State University, which is also Stormi’s alma mater, partners with ICRM to offer an online program to reach that goal.

Tina and Stormi’s professional certifications are a stellar example of Access Sciences’ core value, commit to lifelong learning. In an ever-evolving field like information management, it’s essential to engage a team of experts that are knowledgeable and passionate about the industry and where it’s going.

Commit to Lifelong Learning

We continuously pursue excellence by taking the initiative to learn and grow in our evolving profession.


Our team carries out similar records management operations for LaDOTD, and Keli Pisciotta serves as the project manager for this partnership. And like Glenn and his team, Keli and her team put in the extra effort to deliver exceptional value to the client.

Apart from our everyday operations for the agency, LaDOTD and the Louisiana Office of Technology Services (OTS) partnered with Access Sciences to help facilitate LaDOTD’s move from IBM Content Manager 8.5 to IBM FileNet.

Shermaine Haymer headed this feat as project manager, coordinating between all three parties to stay on track for a successful rollout. LaDOTD’s new content management system went live December 2021, making the agency’s move to IBM FileNet official and revealing a new array of benefits.

As with any project, change management played an important role in facilitating the move to IBM FileNet. Sr. Records Analyst Nital Patel headed those efforts, going above and beyond her regular scope of work to help the entire agency fully embrace the change.

Our team crafted newsletters to update users on the progress of the project and hosted training sessions to ensure an easy transition to the new system. We also got creative, hosting a FileNet Go-Live party with a “pit stop” theme to highlight how to use the new system and address frequently asked questions.

Go Above and Beyond

We put in the extra effort to do the unexpected to stand apart from our competitors.










While we’ve only mentioned a few in this blog, the Access Sciences team is grateful for our Louisiana-based team and partners. We aim to continuously cultivate those relationships as well as help our clients reach new levels of success – another core value we stand by.

We’re looking forward to the day our entire team can get together in-person again. Until then, we look forward to all our company-wide meetings and celebrations on Teams.

Stay tuned for more content from our Louisiana team!

Go Above and Beyond

We put in the extra effort to do the unexpected to stand apart from our competitors.





To learn more about our work with government agencies, tune into Senior Records Analyst Tina Gibeson’s podcast


To learn more about our work with government agencies, tune into Senior Records Analyst Tina Gibeson’s podcast

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