Access Sciences integrates technology, change management, business support services, and business consulting to meet your company’s objectives.

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and Defense is a rapidly evolving industry with dynamic regulatory and commercial requirements, supply chain and globalization challenges, and cyber and physical security issues. These challenges are testing the boundaries of even the most sophisticated technology infrastructures. Access Sciences can help transform performance and enable nimble readiness for the challenges on the horizon. and 2013 interface experience. Nintex Workflow is recognized by analysts as the most utilized third party tool for SharePoint, and Nintex Forms as the breakthrough technology that enables SharePoint forms to be designed and deployed quickly and easily.


The Agribusiness industry is stretched to unprecedented limits with global demands for genetic engineering supporting sustainable production and cost-effective supply-chain mechanisms. Access Sciences can bring the best talent to companies who need to grow a high-performing culture that is rooted in sustainable profit models and informed through technology capable of managing and analyzing large volumes of information.


The airline industry has opportunities never seen before to leverage information to build customer intimacy, predict route profitability, and increase product offerings in a time when competition for customers is on the rise and when regulatory complexity is only increasing. Access Sciences can help transform airlines and their supply chain partners to become their very best and to provide safe, accessible and profitable transportation around the globe.


Dramatic new technologies, such as enhanced driver support and self-driving cars, are propelling a requirement for ever-shorter technology cycles. This, coupled with increased product demands brought on by shifts in global economic power, mean it is more important than ever to control the volume, versions, and integrity of information content. Access Sciences supports designers and manufacturers in the development of information and technology strategies and deployments.


Emerging from the recent global economic downturn, financial institutions are faced with increased regulatory pressure and competition to deliver a wealth of products and services to demanding clients. Access Sciences has decades of experience developing information governance solutions that help organizations ensure compliance with regulatory and operational requirements.

Border & Customs Control

Millions of people cross over our borders into the United States weekly. Border agents are stretched to capacity ensuring only authorized people and products are allowed to cross, and information sharing across multiple federal and state agencies is critical to their success. Access Sciences can bring tools to bear to assist in coordinating and integrating large volumes of information from a variety of sources.

Building Materials

Building materials companies are seeking to implement industry-leading methods to improve business operations. Access Sciences can help drive results that reduce risk, increase performance, and strengthen the bottom line.


Chemical companies and suppliers work in a cyclical industry and are challenged to consistently out-perform their competition. Access Sciences can help spur innovation throughout the organization by developing and implementing ground-breaking strategies that improve operations and increase efficiency.


Communications companies are looking for tools to help identify opportunities, maximize growth, and create a secure environment that will allow for expansion and development. Access Sciences can deliver collaborative technology solutions that provide the security and stability communication companies need in order to thrive.

Customer Goods & Services

Consumer goods and services companies are challenged with meeting the changing demands of customers, assessing and incorporating the latest technologies, and navigating through market consolidation. Access Sciences can enhance the ability to make rapid decisions by improving collaboration and data analysis, resulting in the execution of short and long-term strategies, thus enabling your organization to stay ahead of the competition and grow profitably.


Public entities, defense agencies, and service leaders are challenged to address the public’s demand for personalized services as well as lean, efficient operations. Access Sciences partners with these organizations to provide solutions that enable improved productivity and cross-agency collaboration. The results are operations that anticipate the public’s needs and the successful implementation of long-term strategic initiatives.

Electronics & High Tech

Technology companies embrace frequent change by way of new ideas and innovation. This fast-paced industry requires an objective, systematic approach to translating new technologies into revenue and profitability. Access Sciences enables organizations to optimize the value of their innovations while minimizing risk, reducing costs, and avoiding business disruption.


The Energy industry remains dynamic as companies expand global operations, intensify the yield on existing assets, and engage in significant merger and acquisition activity. The information architecture required to propel these activities needs to remain flexible yet provide consistency, enabling information to be treated as an equal asset to cash and equipment. Access Sciences can help clients determine the best way to curate, publish, and promote access to their most valuable asset – their information.

Engineering & Construction

Engineering and construction professionals have ongoing concerns about raw material prices, skilled labor at fair costs, and the capital markets. Gaining a competitive advantage through technology can transform their business. Access Sciences can enhance decision-making by improving collaboration and data analysis, resulting in the rapid execution of business strategies, thus enabling your organization to stay one step ahead of the competition as well as grow profitably.

Financial Services

The rapidly evolving regulatory environment and the need for increased transparency in operations is generating changes in how financial services companies think about data. Access Sciences can help clients define and implement efficient strategies, technology, and processes to win in this complex environment.

Forest Products

Market volatility, sustainability challenges, and competitive pressures require forest products companies to utilize their information to their advantage. Access Sciences can help integrate people, processes, technology, and information into a coherent architecture that drives bottom-line value.

Freight, Logistics, & Distribution

As new technologies continue to rapidly drive international integration and globalization, logistics and distribution companies are faced with an ever-growing pressure to operate more efficiently. Access Sciences can offer insight into these best practices, and help your organization remain flexible to handle any future challenges.


The advent of new technologies and regulatory changes have led to a tremendous growth in the gaming industry, in both domestic and international markets. As the industry continues this upward growth trend, Access Sciences can assist your organization to not only react, but also prepare for future developments.


Public entities and service leaders are challenged to address constituent demand for personalized services while remaining operationally lean and efficient. Access Sciences partners with these organizations to provide solutions that enable improved productivity and cross-agency collaboration. The results are operations that anticipate the public’s needs and the successful implementation of long-term strategic initiatives.


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Higher Education

As the number of students seeking higher education continues to increase, colleges and universities must be ready to face the unique challenges that come as a result of this growth. Access Sciences can implement technology and best practices that protect student information, support the operation of diverse facilities, and encourage a collaborative learning environment, allowing institutions to foster a high-performance culture.

Health Care

Compliance within healthcare is more critical than ever as government regulations continue to become more complex. Healthcare organizations face reduced margins each year. Access Sciences offers a broad range of services and innovative approaches to address these challenges and maximize opportunities. Aligning organizational objectives, building upon core and vital capabilities, leveraging analytics to gain powerful insight, and embracing new value propositions leads to long-term success.

Health & Human Services

The Affordable Care Act has introduced a broad new set of information management requirements for the agencies and employers tasked with carrying out its mandate. Access Sciences offers solutions to govern and control the information content required to manage the Affordable Care Act.


The hospitality industry is under consistent scrutiny as people travel more and their expectations for superior accommodations and outstanding customer service increase. With the enhanced exposure from online reviews and social media posts, the industry is more competitive than ever. Access Sciences can develop and implement processes, systems, and training to help companies improve the customer experience.

Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment directly impacts many facets of our daily lives. From constructing the buildings we work in to paving the streets we drive on, industrial equipment influences how society operates. Creating this infrastructure introduces a variety of regulatory and operational challenges. Access Sciences can mitigate your organization’s risks and further develop your processes to improve operational efficiency and productivity.


Insurance firms face unique legal and regulatory challenges that require them to have a firm grasp on their information assets and resources. Access Sciences can help these organizations maintain control of their information and remain compliant with today’s regulatory requirements.

Investment Management

Emerging global markets are providing investment managers with opportunities for new international investments, but in an environment that is becoming ever more regulated. Access Sciences can assist organizations in navigating this regulatory environment.

Life Sciences

The pace of the life sciences journey from discovery to production is influenced by how well information is managed throughout its lifecycle. Access Sciences helps clients implement solutions that foster collaboration, exercise rigor through security, and address the complexity of regulatory requirements.


Tight execution and control of manufacturing processes are necessary to minimize downtime, contain costs, ensure quality, and maximize revenues and profitability. Access Sciences can assist manufacturing organizations in developing information strategies, governance models, technologies, and change management solutions to support process control.


Marketing firms thrive by being creative. Innovation, collaboration, and execution are key factors in developing radical, attention-getting marketing campaigns. Access to the latest technology and analytics is crucial. Access Sciences can develop and implement robust technology platforms and tools to give your team the competitive advantage.

Media, Art & Entertainment

In the world of media, arts, and entertainment, consumer habits are shifting, technology platforms are evolving, and new competition is emerging across multiple sectors. Access Sciences can help organizations in these industries embrace change to anticipate customers’ shifting entertainment habits.


Rising costs, declining prices, and dwindling profits are challenges facing the mining industry. Access Sciences can develop value-based solutions and execute innovative strategies that improve operational efficiencies and reduce risks.

Non-Profit Organizations & Foundatations

Non-profits must balance their mission-driven focus with the realities of limited resources. Access Sciences can help non-profit organizations implement information and data management programs that are right-sized and scalable.

Oil & Gas

From the well to the pump, the Oil and Gas value chain is placing a premium on access to information for competitive advantage. Access Sciences can help clients sift through existing stores of information, find the most valuable content, and implement processes and technology that improve the user experience.

Transformation & Infrastructure

Public transportation, infrastructure, and ports must be ready to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions and consumers’ demands for ease of use, reliability, and reasonable cost. Access Sciences can mitigate your organization’s risks, enhance your processes to improve operational efficiency and productivity, and improve the customer experience.

Power & Utlities

Power companies are faced with an increasingly challenging market environment. Aging power generation equipment, coupled with congested and under-developed transmission infrastructure is causing a struggle between the supply and demand for power. Access Sciences addresses these challenges as opportunities by providing innovative, critical thinking that results in practical, scalable, and sustainable solutions.

Real Estate

Retailers today are faced with consumer expectations that are rising faster than retailers can adjust. Access Sciences can partner with retailers to create value-driven strategies that enable them to operate more efficiently with supply chain partners and more seamlessly across channels, creating an enhanced customer experience.

Transformation & Infrastructure

Public transportation, infrastructure, and ports must be ready to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions and consumers’ demands for ease of use, reliability, and reasonable cost. Access Sciences can mitigate your organization’s risks, enhance your processes to improve operational efficiency and productivity, and improve the customer experience.

Tribal Services

Native American and First Nation tribes are expanding their scope of services and operations to provide sustainable living for their communities. Access Sciences can help clients implement meaningful information management programs that respect their unique culture and address sovereignty challenges associated with these endeavors.

Water & Waste Management

Aging infrastructure, increasing and expanding environmental regulations, new technologies, and enhancing the communities served are all challenges facing the water and waste management industry. Access Sciences offers solutions that support the primary principles of compliance, risk mitigation, and communication. Critical to the success of your organization are strategic solutions that provide asset management, maintenance planning, document and record management, as well as industry standards adherence.