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Speaking of expertise…

Access Sciences’ team of subject matter experts are frequently asked to present to industry, trade, civic, and other professional organizations such as the Microsoft Global Energy Forum, Enterprise Data World, AIIM, and SASHTO.


Our speakers help educate and inform organizations about today’s most relevant information management-related issues.  If you are interested in having someone from Access Sciences talk with your group, contact us today.

The Focus Five

Access Sciences frequently receives inquiries that span a wide range of information management related topics. These “Focus Five” are topics currently generating the most interest.

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Featured Topic: Pertempo™ for


Many organizations do not achieve the efficiency gains expected with their SharePoint implementations.


Pertempo™ is an information architecture and governance solution, which uses SharePoint’s out-of-the-box capabilities, to help users work collaboratively, and find content they need, when they need it.


In this presentation, we will help your organization leverage the functionality you already have to share and manage content, quickly find information, empower teamwork, and seamlessly collaborate.

Office 365 Cloud Migration

Access Sciences is a Microsoft partner specializing in helping businesses achieve more with Microsoft cloud platforms like Office 365 and Azure.  Leverage our knowledge and experience in developing migration strategies for your legacy content.  We understand the complexity and risks, we know the tools, and we can educate your team on the best path forward.

Engineering Information Management

Engineering Information Management (EIM) can be complex, with capital projects that last years, and multiple vendors and partners.  Access Sciences works with Engineering and Construction (E&C) companies to manage the flow of design information with their owner/operator customers, and subcontractors, driving accuracy and efficiency and a smooth handover to operations.  We know how to integrate people, process, and technology to build a foundation for efficient, cost effective, and safe operations.  Let us share our expertise with you.

Document Control

Document control is a key information governance function for organizations that must demonstrate their ability to consistently provide quality products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.  Controlled documents are often those of a technical nature, such as design drawings.  People, process, and technology ensure that these critical documents are available where and when they are needed, and are protected from loss of confidentiality, improper use, or loss of integrity.  Access Sciences understands the skills and roles required to implement and operate document control functions for organizations.  Contact us to learn more about our experiences.

Records Center Operations

Access Sciences specializes in managing and performing information-centric outsourced services so you can focus on what’s most important— delivering on your core business mission.  We have over 34 years of experience providing expert records management and document imaging outsourcing services, partnering with clients to identify and implement best practices and define and support their strategic goals for these key services, which include active and inactive records management, public records service delivery, policy development, training, technology support, and imaging.  If you are interested in hearing how we can help you get started or improve in this area, please contact us, we’d love to share our success stories.

Additional Speaker’s Bureau


  • Records Management
  • Taxonomy Development
  • Change Management
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Request a presentation.

We understand the complexity and risks, we know the tools, and we can educate your team on the best path forward.