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Designing, managing, and operating world-class document control functions that are precisely tailored to meet your needs.

Precise, timely information is increasingly critical…

With the introduction of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), new efficiencies and accelerated timelines are transforming the execution of capital projects.  One critical success factor for AWP is the accurate and timely exchange of project information between an owner/operator and its EPC partners.

Once an asset has transitioned to operations, owner/operators need assurance that the handover reflects the current state of the asset and provides a foundation for operations and MOC.

Whether you are developing a capital project or operating a capital asset, skillfully designed document control programs and professionally managed operations provide confidence that information exchange won’t negate AWP’s hard-gained efficiencies, and that the information is precise and readily accessible, both during a project and after transition to operations.

Focus On Your Core Business

Successful organizations stay laser-focused on improving their core business, managing costs, and maximizing efficiency and profit. Supporting functions such as document control are essential to getting work done, but they shouldn’t be a distraction in terms of focus, time, or money. Access Sciences specializes in managing and operating document control services so you can focus on what’s most important — delivering on your core business.

Program Design and Implementation

Once a clerical function, over time, document control has evolved from a paper-centric activity to a professional discipline that combines people, processes, and technology.  Today’s sophisticated document control programs are based on thoughtful process analysis and design to drive thorough and efficient operations; policies, processes, and work instructions that provide clear guidance for consistent document control operations; supporting technology selected based on organization-specific requirements and industry best practices; solution designs used to configure the technology to directly support business processes; and change management to provide communications and training during and beyond program implementation.

Access Sciences is deeply versed in these complexities, and brings decades of experience designing, deploying, and operating successful document control programs that support projects and operations around the globe.

Issue Diagnosis and Remediation

Once a risk has been diagnosed, we look for creative approaches to effectively remediate issues at the lowest impact and cost.  We also take the time to recommend future actions to avoid repeating them.

Access Sciences has the expertise to identify and analyze risks to determine root causes, current and future impacts, and options and costs for issue remediation.  We have the knowledge and experience needed to accurately diagnose issues to drive successful outcomes.

Once a risk has been diagnosed, we look for creative approaches to effectively remediate issues at the lowest impact and cost.  We also take the time to recommend future actions to avoid repeating them.

Outsourced Operations

Both capital projects and asset operations require professional document control operations that drive timeliness, efficiency, and safety.  Delaying a capital project or compromising MOC safety is never an option.

Traditional, internally-staffed document control functions may deliver quality results, but these can prove a distraction from focus on your core business and make it difficult to manage the ups and downs of business cycles.

Generic staffing agencies can provide resources, but these are typically minimally vetted and accountability for quality results ends once resources have been placed.

For many organizations, Access Sciences’ Outsourced Document Control Services provide a superior alternative.  Our professionally-managed teams provide oversight relief, freeing your valuable employees to focus on your core business.

Precisely tailored to meet your needs, our services are both scalable and customizable to fit your specific requirements and budget.  With decades of experience, we strike the optimum balance between repeatable processes, headcount management, improved quality, enhanced business focus, and exceptional talent.

Why It


With billions of dollars at stake, clear and efficient lines of communication between owner/operators and their EPC partners are essential for successful execution of capital projects. Rapid, accurate, and verifiable exchange of enormous volumes of technical information and timely review of design information are critical, highly-specialized functions that require flawless execution.


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