The Perils of Over-Storage

By: Glen Hilford

“There’s gold in them thar hills!” is sometimes attributed to Mark Twain in reference to the California Gold Rush, but many historians believe M. F. Stephenson proclaimed it to keep the Georgia gold miners from going to California in the 1840s. No matter who declared it, the meaning is clear. There is opportunity to be had and money to be found if you are willing to do some digging.

2–3–7: Magic Numbers for Ensuring Timely Access to Your Controlled Documents

By: Tracy Prater



Process industries run on Controlled Documents, site-owned documents, drawings and media critical to compliant, safe, and reliable operation of facilities and processes. Even though organizations have policy and compliance requirements for Process Safety Information (PSI) and controlled documents, these organizations tend to spend far too much time and money on these fundamental questions: