Taxonomy Speed Dating: Find the Right Match So Your Organization Can Live Happily Ever After

The right taxonomy enables you to consistently classify content, quickly find what you need, and ultimately automate its lifecycle management. But if you find you’re lacking this key component to managing your organization’s content, don’t worry – your perfect taxonomy match may be right around the corner.

This session will help you to define your requirements for a taxonomy and evaluate which taxonomy is right for you – an off-the-shelf taxonomy, a custom-built taxonomy, or a taxonomy that’s a nice blend of both.

Intentional Design: Embedding Records Management into Technology

Presented for the 2014 eRecords Conference in Austin, TX, this presentation discusses how to engage user communities in defining records management requirements during technology design. Specific focus was given to a proven process for completing iterative, agile development that achieves various compliance objectives.

Clean Up on Aisle 7! Grocery Shopping, Taxonomy, and Knowledge Workers

When you walk into a grocery store for the first time, you typically look at the signs above the aisles to determine where you stand the best chance of finding the items on your shopping list. You determine that the bottle of ketchup on your list is most likely on Aisle 7 where the other “Condiments” are located, but only after passing the canned vegetables aisle while vaguely wondering if it would be next to the tomatoes. When you finally get to Aisle 7, you see one section of shelving that contains a broad spectrum of ketchups, from the generic store brand all the way to organic craft brands. You finally pull the item with the familiar label that suits your taste.