Our comprehensive suite of support activities, including critical position services as well as business function, technology, and knowledge process outsourcing, allows you to focus on what you do best while leaving the rest to us. We apply years of industry expertise to deliver a customized service solution that is cost-effective, because it is scalable to the size of your business.

Access Sciences recognizes that companies operate best when they focus attention on core business operations, so we created Managed Services. Our Managed Services offering is an innovative and agile full-service provider of specialized workforce, project management, and business function solutions for organizations of various industries and sizes. Partnering with Managed Services to manage the transactional business operations, which tend to monopolize your time, frees up your employees to focus on the activities that bring direct value and profit to the organization.


Outsourcing is the result of a business decision to stop committing internal resources to a given function and to engage our Managed Services function to do some or all of the work. By allowing us to assume the burden, our clients report cost savings and gains in functional expertise and capabilities, stating that the outsourced process is done more efficiently, effectively, and with higher accuracy and quality than before.

Critical Staff Placement
Project Services
Business Function Operations

Managed Services Offerings

Critical Staff Placement

Organizations today are faced with constant pressure to innovate while addressing business priorities. Long-term strategies hinge on the ability to get the right talent, with the right skills, at the right time, for the right price. The supply and demand of talent are no longer predictable, and organizations are faced with a new set of workforce options, opportunities, and risks.


In Managed Services, we take a holistic approach to talent acquisition and management, aligning workforce planning with your business strategy, and enabling greater workforce insight and flexibility.


Now more than ever, you need a business partner who can anticipate and manage your workforce needs. We have the resources and expertise to provide solutions that can impact your business and your competitive advantage.

Project Services and Business Function Operations

Projects and business critical functions require focused management. In today’s work environment, managers at all levels are continually asked to do more with less – often resulting in projects or entire business functions that lack focused attention. Hiring constraints limit the ability to scale up full time resources to meet demands while temporary labor assignment caps jeopardize productivity gains and the retention of core intellectual capital within your company.

Managed Services Areas of Specialization

Companies choose our Managed Services for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the most common:
  • Cost Savings – Outsourcing lowers your overall cost of services
  • Focus on Core Business – Your resources can be focused on developing the core business
  • Cost Restructuring – Outsourcing offers a move from fixed to variable cost and makes variable costs more predictable
  • Improve Quality – You can achieve a significant change in quality through contracting out the service with new service level agreements
  • Knowledge – You have access to intellectual property, experience, and knowledge
  • Contract – Services are provided to a legally binding contract with financial penalties and legal redress. This is not the case with internal services
  • Operational Expertise – You have access to operational best practices that would be too difficult or time consuming to develop in-house
  • Access to Talent – You have access to a large talent pool and a sustainable source of skills
  • Capacity Management – You have ability to manage service capacity where the risk in providing the excess capacity is born by us
  • Catalyst for Change – You can use an outsourcing agreement as a catalyst for major step changes that cannot be achieved alone. We become a change agent in the process
  • Enhance Capacity for Innovation – You can supplement limited in-house capacity for product innovation
  • Reduce Time to Market – You can realize acceleration of the development or production of a product through access to additional capability
  • Commodification – Allows small companies access to services that are typically only available to large corporations

One source for people, process, technology, and industry expertise

Managed Services partners with companies to address their workforce challenges. Our managed solutions leverage our core staffing expertise to deliver increased productivity and reduce overall costs for business functions and processes—across multiple industries and disciplines. The results – labor and process efficiencies, stabilized work outcomes and optimized business results. We are dedicated to partnering with clients to architect and implement solutions that put them in a position to meet their operational obligation to their organization and freedom to focus on their more strategic business needs. Whether handling a core competency or a non-core function in your organization, we’ll design a customized program to meet your unique requirements.