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Clean Up on Aisle 7! Grocery Shopping, Taxonomy, and Knowledge Workers

Clean Up on Aisle 7! Grocery Shopping, Taxonomy, and Knowledge Workers

When you walk into a grocery store for the first time, you typically look at the signs above the aisles to determine where you stand the best chance of finding the items on your shopping list. You determine that the bottle of ketchup on your list is most likely on Aisle 7 where the other “Condiments” are located, but only after passing the canned vegetables aisle while vaguely wondering if it would be next to the tomatoes. When you finally get to Aisle 7, you see one section of shelving that contains a broad spectrum of ketchups, from the generic store brand all the way to organic craft brands. You finally pull the item with the familiar label that suits your taste.

Sound familiar? What can this experience teach us about improving a knowledge worker’s ability to find and access information?

This presentation will discuss fundamentals of information architecture as well as demonstrate practical application in two leading solutions: Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010 and Cogniva’s ISIS.

This presentation covers the following:

  • What is the difference between taxonomy and metadata, and how do you explain their value to your business stakeholders?
  • How can you develop an enterprise approach that balances consistency with the way individuals work?
  • What are potential methods for implementing and managing your taxonomy and metadata model?
  • How can you move seamlessly from theory to action to outcomes for your business so your stakeholders receive a rapid return for their time investment?