Transform the Way You Work with Automated Processes and Improved Workflows

Organizations are on a quest for greater efficiency, faster service, simplified processes, and operational transparency. Their transition from paper-based processes to business conducted via websites and mobile devices is an essential element in meeting these objectives. And, the connection between mobile communications to business processes is critical.

According to AIIM research, 45% of respondents suggest a 33% or more improvement in productivity if staff were able to connect to back-office processes via mobile apps.

In this webinar, we will review strategic business approaches that include:

  • The ability to connect forms and business processes on mobile devices
  • Further streamlining those processes on the back-end
  • Reducing redundancies to increase staff productivity
  • Addressing security and accessibility concerns
  • Using a configurable web development platform to maximize your workflows

We will share examples of large and heavily-regulated organizations that have succeeded with these approaches – resulting in 50% faster turn-around, lower costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

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