The Perils of Over-Storage

By: Glen Hilford

“There’s gold in them thar hills!” is sometimes attributed to Mark Twain in reference to the California Gold Rush, but many historians believe M. F. Stephenson proclaimed it to keep the Georgia gold miners from going to California in the 1840s. No matter who declared it, the meaning is clear. There is opportunity to be had and money to be found if you are willing to do some digging.

Across all lines of business, operational expenses are increasingly scrutinized in an attempt to decrease costs and bolster the bottom line. One traditionally overlooked expense, offsite records storage, is emerging as an easy target for cost reduction.

Commercial storage providers provide a valuable service by offering offsite storage for infrequently accessed physical documents and records, essentially acting as an extension of an organization’s onsite file rooms and records centers. Organizations and their employees don’t typically realize the magnitude of the costs and significant risks associated with overuse of these services, what we will refer to as over-storage.

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