Data Governance: Leveraging Your Data Assets and Optimizing Operations

Almost every aspect of the work day involves handling data of some type. Good things happen for an organization when it manages data efficiently, quickly, and in a way that makes sense for the way its employees work. Ensuring data integrity, designing processes to align with decision making, and leveraging data as an asset to optimize operations are each critical components in a successful data governance program. Ultimately, successful data governance isn’t simply establishing a program, process, or policy…it’s about the people.

In this interactive webinar, we will share real world examples and review the value of managing your data and the components of a successful data governance program.

How data governance can help your organization

    • Benefits and risks
    • Real world examples
    • Components of an effective program

This webinar will introduce the 5 Tenets of Data Governance and a 7-Point Data Governance Model that can be utilized to design and develop a scalable, fit-for-purpose Data Governance Program for your organization.

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