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Information Management Drives Safe and Compliant Operations

After decades of haphazard information management practices and growth by acquisition, the downstream division of this integrated energy company needed a fresh evaluation of its information management strategy and portfolio, and a plan to address the findings.  

Information Governance . . . Positioning for Success

Growth Brings Need for More Formal Information Management

A mid-sized upstream Exploration and Production company was experiencing information management growing pains as their organization expanded.  They were beginning to feel the need to more formally manage their information assets, driven by the increased compliance and litigation risks that come with growth. 

SharePoint Solution Increases Knowledge Worker Efficiency by 10%

Importance of Leveraging Information Assets 

Upstream oil and gas assets often have a lifespan of 30 or more years encompassing cycles of exploration, development, and production.

Large Capital Projects Require Strategic Information Sharing

The Cost and Risk of Misinformation

Information, or lack of it, can result in unnecessary cost and risk.

How Do You Share Records After A Divestiture?

How Do You Share Records After a Divestiture?

After the spin-off of their midstream and downstream operations, the fifth largest integrated oil company in the world retained ownership of historical records.  Prior to the split, employees of both companies worked to identify and transfer records, ensuring correct records ownership and accessibility; however, coming out of this process, the companies also knew

Divesting Assets Also Means Divesting Records...Is Your Company Ready?

Divesting Assets Also Means Divesting Records...Is Your Company Ready?

During the spin-off of their midstream and downstream operations, the fifth largest integrated oil company in the world faced a very real challenge – how to determine which records to keep, which to share, and which to transfer to the new operation?

Global Contractual Obligations Made Simple

The Need to Avoid Business Disruption

The ability to track and act on contractual terms in a timely manner is vital in today’s highly integrated global market to avoid business disruption and ensure compliance.

International Blue Chip Company Benefits from an Open Access Collaboration Hub

Inefficiencies of Information Silos

SharePoint used in isolation across headquarter departments was causing this global energy company inefficiencies and lost opportunities.

CAD Drives Efficiencies in Capital Asset Planning and Cost Recovery

Complex and Rapidly Changing Environment

With global operations spanning more than 80 countries, this company provides products and services to a wide variety of private and public sector customers.